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To begin with: Modoc County Street Family

Now that I'm more or less retired, it's time to turn a little more attention to genealogy. Thus this blog. I think I'll start with a piece I wrote some time ago about my Street family ancestors. My branch settled in Modoc co. CA in the 1860s, but there were other branches that settled in the San Joaquin Valley of California, and others that never made it to California. Trying to connect them all has been a great genealogical puzzle over the past several years. I'm starting with this one, in part because it has shown up on a few other genealogical websites (often without acknowledging me as author, I'm afraid). But here's the latest version:

The Family Origin of Zedekiah Street of Modoc co. CA

The identification of the parents and siblings of Zedekiah Street, an early settler of Modoc co. CA, has been a genealogical project of some complication. A long series of circumstantial evidence has convinced this writer that Zedekiah was the son of Joseph and Margaret (Carmichael) Street. The purpose of this paper is to outline the evidence which has led to this conclusion.

I.  FAMILY KNOWLEDGE.  At the time this study began, two of the grandchildren of Zedekiah Street were living—Olin Street Johnson and Elma Caroline (Johnson) Craig.  Olin was old enough to remember his grandfather well, having been about 12 when Zedekiah died; furthermore, the Johnson family lived next door to the Streets during Olin’s childhood.  Elma did not have many first-hand memories, since she was several years younger; but she did live closer to her parents in their later years, and so had considerable information based on conversations with them.  In talking with Olin and Elma, the following basic information emerged [based on notes taken by the writer from conversations with each of them]:

A.  Zedekiah Street came from “the South” (Olin thought it was Kentucky, but was not certain) to Camptonville, Yuba co.  CA, about 1860.

B.  He was married en route, in Denver, CO, to Caroline Hash of Arkansas.

C.  After a few years in Camptonville, they moved to Surprise Valley in what is now Modoc co. CA (it was at that time Siskiyou co.).

D.  At some point in their early days there, they were joined by Zedekiah’s older brother, John Street. John died before either of these grandchildren were born, but they remembered his widow, “Aunt Martha Street.” They believed that her maiden name was Robinson, or something similar.

II.  INFORMATION FROM CENSUS AND CEMETERY RECORDS.  Both Zedekiah and John Street are buried in the Cedarville Cemetery, Modoc co. CA; both appear in early census records from Modoc co.; and both also appear on the Great Register (of voters) for that county. These records add the following information:

A.  According to his tombstone, Zedekiah Street was born 11 Dec. 1826. (Note that the name on the tombstone is spelled “Zedikiah”; the spelling varies in different records, but it appears that “Zedekiah” is generally used in records such as voter registrations where he himself gave the information.) An obituary in the Surprise Valley Record gives his birth date as 11 Dec. 1828.  Normally one would give preference to the tombstone record; in this case, however, neither existing census records nor his Great Register listing support a birth year as early as 1826, and most suggest 1828/29.  All these sources also list his birthplace as Tennessee. [Sources: (1) Tombstone in Cedarville Cemetery, Cedarville, Modoc co. CA; a photograph of the tombstone is posted online at; (2) 1870 census of Surprise Valley, Siskiyou co. CA, p. 14, line 16, where his age is give as 41; (3) 1880 census of Cedarville, Modoc co. CA, E.D. 67, p. 6, line 25, where is age is given as 52; (4) U. S. Census Year: 1900; Census Place: Cedarville, Modoc, California; Roll: 94; Page 5A; Enumeration District: 84, line 21; FHL microfilm: 1240094; (5) Great Register of Yuba co. CA, indicating he registered to vote 26 Feb 1867, giving his age as 38 (California State Library, California History Section; Great Registers, 1866-1898; Collection Number: 4 - 2A; CSL Roll Number: 140; FHL Roll Number: 978599, p. 96); (6) Great Register of Modoc co. CA, indicating he registered to vote 13 Sep. 1892, giving his age as 64 (California State Library, California History Section; Great Registers, 1866-1898; Collection Number: 4 - 2A; CSL Roll Number: 27; FHL Roll Number: 976938, image 142); (7) Great Register of Modoc co. CA, indicating he registered to vote 24 Apr 1875, giving his age as 44 (California State Library, California History Section; Great Registers, 1866-1898; Collection Number: 4 - 2A; CSL Roll Number: 27; FHL Roll Number: 976938. Image 15); (8) Obituary in the Surprise Valley Record, 25 Apr 1906.]

B.  John Street was born 12 Jan. 1816, according to his tombstone; and the date is supported by the 1880 census and Great Register records. John died in 1884, and thus only appears in Modoc co. in the 1880 census. Both census and Great Register list his birthplace as North Carolina. [Sources: (1) Tombstone in Cedarville Cemetery, Modoc co. CA; (2) U. S. Census (Year: 1880; Census Place: Cedarville, Modoc, California; Roll: 69; Family History Film: 1254069; Page: 4C; Enumeration District: 067; Image: 0009); (3) Great Register of Modoc co. CA, indicating he registerd to vote 5 May 1874, giving his age as 60 (California State Library, California History Section; Great Registers, 1866-1898; Collection Number: 4 - 2A; CSL Roll Number: 27; FHL Roll Number: 976938, image 7).]

C.  The 1880 census records for both brothers, and the 1900 census for  Zedekiah, agree that their father was born in Virginia, and their mother in North Carolina.

D.  John Street’s wife, Martha Ann, is buried next to him, and her tombstone indicates her birth date was 14 Nov. 1831.  A biographical sketch of their son John in An Illustrated History of Central Oregon (Western Publishing Co., 1905) states that her maiden name was “Roberson,” and indicates that the John Street family lived in Putnam co. TN for many years prior to their migration to California about 1870; an obituary of one of John and Martha’s daughters, Margaret (Street) Wilder, confirms the connection to Putnam co. TN.

E.  A newspaper notice of the marriage of Zedekiah Street and Caroline Hash 17 June 1860 appeared in the Rocky Mountain News (Denver, 20 June 1860) and indicated that Zedekiah was from Madison co. AR. (Source: image of Rocky Mountain News, 17 June 1860, p. 3 on, accessed 22 July 2012.)

F.  The 1900 census for  Zedekiah shows that there was living in his household a man named Richard L. Street, born in Arkansas in July 1851, identified as  Zedekiah’s nephew.  Also in the household was this Richard’s wife Mary and several children:

Richard L. Street, b. July 1851 AR, father b. TN, mother b. ?
Mary (wife), b. March 1862 CA, father b. TX, mother b. TX
May (dau.), b. May 1879  CA, father b. AR, mother b. CA
Susie (dau.), b. March 1884 NV, father b. AR, mother b. CA
Maggie (dau.), b. March 1887 CA, father b. AR, mother b. CA
Artie (son), b. Jan. 1889 MT, father b. AR, mother b. CA
Gussie (dau.), b. Jan. 1891 CA, father b.  AR, mother b. CA
Hugh (son), b. Nov. 1892  CA, father b. AR, mother b. CA
Thomas (son), b. Feb. 1882 NV, father b. AR, mother b. CA

(Source: Year: 1900; Census Place: Cedarville, Modoc, California; Roll: 94; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 84, lines 27-36); FHL microfilm: 1240094.)

ANALYSIS:  It seems probable, based on the census records, that the father of  Zedekiah and John Street was a Virginian who migrated to North Carolina, met and married his wife there and began his family. At some point between the births of John and  Zedekiah, they apparently moved to Tennessee. Zedekiah, at least, seems to have moved to Madison co. AR; probably, since this nephew was born in AR, at least one brother of  Zedekiah Street was living in AR as well. (The children of John Street are fully known, and it is apparent that this Richard L. Street was not among them. There is no evidence, in fact, that John Street ever lived in AR; all his children were born in TN.)

III.  STREET FAMILIES IN TULARE CO., CA AND VICINITY:  A Street family which settled in Tulare county, CA, has been shown to be connected to the Modoc co. families. The chain of evidence is complicated, but can be outlined as follows:

A.  In Tulare co. a deed is recorded, dated 25 Dec. 1863, by which one Joseph Street transferred land to Patience Street, and to Joseph, Margaret, Lafayette, James, Rebeca, Catharine, and Thomas Street, “minor children of said Patience by her late husband Richard Street” and the “widow and children of his deceased brother.” 

B.  J. M. Guinn’s History of the State of California and Biographical Record of the San Joaquin Valley, California (1902) contains a biographical sketch of one Joseph J. Street, about whom the following information is given:

1.  Joseph J. Street was the son of Richard and Patience (Randolph) Street, and was born in White co. TN 6 Dec. 1846.  His family moved to AR when he was three years old.

2.  Joseph’s father, Richard, moved his family to California in 1860, settling finally near Visalia, Tulare co.; he died about 1863.

3.  Richard and Patience (Randolph) Street had three daughters and five sons “who attained mature years.”

Clearly this Joseph is the son of the Richard Street referred to in the 1863 deed, since the death date and place is the same, and the name of Richard’s wife is the same.

C.  Marriage records in Tulare co. indicate that Richard’s widow, Mrs. Patience Street, married A. J. Worthley 22 May 1864. Census records show that they had two children, Alfred L. and Marshall Worthley. Furthermore, Mary Catherine Street, daughter of Richard and Patience, married her stepbrother, Thomas W. Worthley (son of A. J. Worthley by his first wife).

D.  A series of records leads to the conclusion that Richard and Patience’s son referred to as Lafayette in the deed was the same person listed in the 1900 census as Zedekiah’s nephew “Richard L. Street”:

1.  As noted above, the 1900 census for Richard L. Street in the Modoc co. household of his uncle Zedekiah includes children Thomas, Maggie (Margaret?), Susie, and Gussie (and others); it lists Richard’s wife as Mary and says he was born in AR in July 1851.

2.  Richard Lafayette Street was registered to vote in Tulare co. CA in 1898, age 46, b. Arkansas.

2.  A Richard Lafayette Street died in Sebastopol, CA 6 Aug. 1939. His death certificate gives his birth date as 11 July 1851, indicates he was a native of AR, son of Richard and Patience (Randolph) Street, and it names his widow as Reina Street. An obituary of this man also names daughters Mrs. Maggie Cornett, Mrs. Susie Hoffman, and Mrs. Gussie Abbot, and a son C. J. Street. Based on the correspondence of names of his children, and the date and place of birth, it seems evident that this is the same Richard L. Street who appears in Modoc co. in 1900; and that his wife Mary had died (or they divorced) and he had remarried a woman named Reina.  Reina’s own death certificate (she died in Sebastopol in 1951) indicates that her maiden name was Talsma; the death certificate of C. J. Street (who died in Sebastopol in 1976) records his parents’ names as Cornelius Hornstra and Reina Talsma.

3.  A 1910 census listing for a Lafayett R. Street in Tulare co. in 1910 shows him as a single man, age 59 (i.e. b. ca. 1851), born in AR, living in the household of a widow, Reina Hornstra. Certainly this man is identical with the Richard L. Street discussed above; on the surface it would appear that his wife Mary died (or they had divorced) 1900/1910 and he married Reina, in whose home he was boarding in 1910; however, since we know that Mary didn’t die until 1953, there must have been a divorce here. Immediately adjacent to this household in 1910 was that of Thomas W. Worthley, the recently widowed husband of Mary Catherine (Street) Worthley, who (according to her death certificate) was the daughter of Richard and Patience (Randolph) Street and thus the sister of Richard Lafayette Street.

4.  A 1907 Tulare co. marriage record for one Ora Hamilton to Thomas Alford Street (b. NV ca. 1882, which corresponds to the Thomas listed as a son of Richard L. Street in the 1900 census) indicates his father was L. Street and his mother Mary Bryant. No doubt “L. Street” is “Lafayette,” the name by which Richard apparently was primarily known.

5.  Brief correspondence with the widow of C. J. Street of Sebastopol indicated that he was the adopted son of Richard L. Street.  Mrs. Alice Street said that she had no further information on the Street family, but she enclosed (without explanation) two sheets of paper, seemingly rather old, on which were written in pencil a number of names and address, apparently of her husband’s relatives.  They included: Susie Hoffman, Artie Street, Margie Cornett, (Dot) Gussie Abbott, Grandpa Bryant.  The recurrence of names (especially the reference to the surname Bryant) supports the inference that the Richard who died in Sebastopol was the same man who was first married Mary Bryant.

6.  An obituary in the Oakland Tribune for Mrs. Susie Hoffman, clearly the same woman named in the Sebastopol Richard L. Street’s obituary as his daughter, indicates that her middle name was Patience—no doubt for her grandmother.

ANALYSIS:  It is clear from the above facts that the Richard L. Street who was a nephew of  Zedekiah Street is the same Richard L. Street who died in Sebastopol, CA in 1939, and that he was the same man who is referred to as Lafayette Street in the 1863 deed, Richard Lafayette Street in the Tulare co. Great Register in 1898, and as Lafayett R. Street in the 1910 census of Tulare co. This establishes the fact that Zedekiah Street and Richard Street (father of Richard Lafayette Street) were brothers.  This is confirmed by additional evidence:

E.  Census and other records pertaining to Joseph J. Street, known from the biographical sketch to be the son of Richard and Patience Street, indicate that he was married at least three times, and that he had at least one daughter who lived to maturity, Dora Street. An autograph book which belonged to Martha Ann Street, daughter of  Zedekiah Street, contains several autographs from persons in Pixley, Tulare co.; one of these is signed “your cousin, Dora Street” (dated Nov. 30. 1890).

F.  Two other autographs from this book (also dated in late 1890, when Martha is known to have taken an extended trip throughout California) are “your cousin M. R. Worthley” and “your cousin Maggie Worthley”; also “your friend A. L. W.”  It has already been noted that Richard Street’s widow, Patience, married A. J. Worthley and had two sons, Alfred L. and Marshall. One of Richard and Patience’s daughters, Mary Catherine, married her step-brother, Thomas Woodson Worthley, and had a daughter Margaret, b. 1879, who is likely this “Maggie Worthley.”

G.  It has previously been noted that Richard Street’s widow Patience, together with her children, were deeded land by Joseph Street, described as Richard’s brother.  The June, 1965 issue of Los Tulares (bulletin of the Tulare County Historical Society) has an article on the Yokohl Valley, in which two early settlers, Joe and Jim Street, are mentioned. “Neither ever married,” it states, “and they raised sheep, cattle and hogs together for several years. After some difference of opinion, Joe moved to a ranch at Milo where he died many years ago.” In a letter to this writer, the author of that article, Annie R. Mitchell, stated that she had interviewed Rev. E. R. Connelly, who had performed the funeral service for Jim Street; according to him, Jim and Joe were brothers who had a “falling out” many years before. The death certificates for both brothers have been inspected; no information about their parentage is given, but it might be noted that the informant on James Street’s certificate was one T. W. Street—very likely Thomas Wright Street, a son of Richard and Patience Street, and thus presumed to be James Street’s nephew. The death certificates also give no information as to birthplace or date of birth. Joseph, who died in 1910, is said to have been “76 years and 10 months” of age; James, who died in 1919, is said to have been born in 1841. Both these men were listed on the Great Register for Tulare co. in 1867, and there it indicates that Joseph Street, age 34, was born in TN, and James Monroe Street, age 27, was born in TN. Both also appear in the 1900 census, where Joseph is said to have been born in May 1833, and James in Sept. 1842 (though various other records suggest a slightly earlier birth date for him; probably the Great Register which suggests a birth date of 1839/40 is most trustworthy, since he himself would have given that information when he registered). In both cases, the census indicates their father was born in Virginia, their mother in North Carolina—consistent with the pattern shown in the census for both  Zedekiah and John Street.

ANALYSIS:  This rather complicated argument can be summarized as follows: (1) The various records pertaining to Richard Lafayette Street and his family demonstrate that Zedekiah Street was a brother of the Richard Street who died in Tulare co. in 1863. (2)  The Tulare co. deed proves that Joseph Street was a brother of Richard Street. (3) The Tulare co. historical information indicates that James Monroe Street was a brother of Joseph Street, and this is confirmed by the fact that the informant on James’ death certificate was apparently a son of Joseph’s Street’s brother Richard. When this information is collated, it suggests a Street family with at least the following members:

i.  Richard Street, b. NC (?) ca. 1814/15, mar. Patience Randolph.

ii.  John Street, b. NC 12 Jan. 1816, mar. Martha Ann Robinson/Roberson.

iii.   Zedekiah Street, b. TN 11 Dec. 1828, mar. Caroline Hash.

iv.  Joseph Street, b. ca. May 1833, never married.

v.  James Monroe Street, b. TN ca. Sept. 1839, never married.

Furthermore, census records for four of these brothers (excluding Richard, who died too early for the censuses which asked for this information) indicate that their father was born in Virginia, their mother in North Carolina; and the birthplaces of the sons would suggest that a migration from North Carolina to Tennessee took place some time between 1816 and 1828. Both Richard and  Zedekiah have been connected to Arkansas, the latter specifically to Madison co.

IV.  MADISON COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Records in early Madison co. AR are sparse, but they prove the presence of this Street family in the 1850’s. Richard Street supposedly moved to AR when his son Joseph was three (he was b. Dec. 1846), but he does not appear there in the 1850 census of that state, so apparently had not yet arrived in time for the census taker. Both Richard and  Zedekiah left AR about 1860, and thus do not appear there in the census of that year (neither have they been found in California; the census seems to have missed them, perhaps because they were en route at the time it was taken).Yet there are relevent Madison co. records:

A.  Tax records exist for Madison co., and they show the following Street entries: Richard appears first in 1852; and Richard, Jo[seph] and Tom in 1853. According to a Madison county researcher, the listing for a particular year would indicate that the individual incurred tax liability in the county the previous fall. In the 1853 listing, the three are consecutive, which usually indicates that they went to the courthouse together to be assessed. In 1853, Joseph is not assessed a poll tax; this indicates that was 55 years of age or older, and thus exempt (so he obviously could not be the Joseph who appears in Tulare co., whom we have demonstrated is the brother of Zedekiah, Richard, James  and John).  The same three names appear in 1854; in 1855 and 1856, Richard does not appear, but the others do, as does William Street. Subsequent years are not available on microfilm and have not been inspected.

B.  Madison County Musings, the publication of the Madison County Genealogical Society, published a list of cemetery inscriptions from the Lower Camp Ground Cemetery in Madison county (VI:2, p. 81). Included in this listing are two Street graves, Margaret Street (b. 15 Oct. 1792, d. 11 Nov. 1854) and Thomas Street (b. 25 July 1827, d. 19 Feb. 1859).

C.  Goodspeed’s history of Madison co. lists early landowners, including Joseph Street in 1852, Township 17 Range 24 (SE SE Section 30). I have not tried to find the original document.

D.  A federal land patent for Joseph Street Junior was registered in Madison co. for 40 acres in Section 29, Township 17N, Range 24W, dated Feb. 1, 1860. This is a bit puzzling, since Joseph has not been located in the 1860 census; but perhaps the land was quickly sold and Joseph left the county (or perhaps the census taker missed him; or perhaps he is in the 1860 census, but I’ve not found him!).

ANALYSIS:  The connection of the California Street families to Madison co. AR is based on the newspaper notice of  Zedekiah’s marriage, which states he was “from Madison co. AR.”  This is supported by the appearance in Madison co. tax records of Richard Street, just at the time when the Tulare co. Richard Street is said to have located in Arkansas. If we assume as our hypothesis that these Street listings in AR are in fact the California family, the following observations can be made:  Joseph Street was significantly older than Richard Street (b. 1797 or earlier, compared to Richard’s 1814 birth date), and is quite possibly the father of the five known Street brothers. The Margaret Street buried in Madison co. is of the correct age to be the mother of these boys; and the Thomas Street buried there is the correct age to be a brother, who would fit nicely between  Zedekiah and Joseph. William Street appears first on the tax list in 1855; often this suggests that a man has turned 21. If that is the case here, William would be born ca. 1833/34 and could be another brother between Joseph and James.

V.  TENNESSEE RECORDS.  While all the evidence has pointed to the Street family coming from Tennessee (via AR), the only tie to a specific place in TN has so far been statements in records of the children of John Street that they were born in Putnam co. TN.  Putnam co. was formed in 1854 from portions of White, Jackson, Overton and Dekalb counties, all located in central TN.  A search of records in those counties reveals the following:

A.  Richard Street married Patience Randolph in White co. TN 25 Feb. 1846.  Certainly this is the Richard who later moved to Tulare co. CA.  In the same county is the marriage record of John Street and Martha Robison 15 Apr. 1852, undoubtedly the John who settled in Modoc co. CA.  The fact that these two brothers married in White co. suggests very strongly that this is the county in which their parents were living around 1850.

B.  The 1850 census of White co. shows the following listing:

Richard Street, 34, b. NC
Patience, 25, b. TN
Joseph, 4, b. TN
Chisum, 3, b. TN
Margarett, 10/12, b. TN

(It might be noted that adjacent to this family is the household of John Robinson, including a daughter Martha Ann Robinson, 18 years old—just the right age to be the Martha Ann Robinson/Roberson who married John Street of Modoc co.) 

C.  Some distance away, but still in White co., in 1850, we find the following family:
Joseph Street, 68, b. VA
Margaret, 55, b. NC
John, 33, b. NC
Hannah, 24, b. TN
Zachariah, 21, b. TN
Thomas, 20, b. TN
Joseph, 19. b. TN
William, 15, b. TN
James M., 12, b. TN

D.  Joseph Street, with a consistent family configuration, is also found in the 1840 census of White co. and the 1830 census of adjacent Warren co. TN. These earlier records suggest an older daughter b. ca. 1815/20. White co. marriage records show a Frances Street who married Jonas Deitz in 1840; she is likely this daughter, since there doesn’t appear to be any other Street family in White co. at this time.

ANALYSIS:  We had previously concluded that Richard, John, Zedekiah, Joseph and James M. Street were all brothers, who had lived in TN, possibly the area that later became Putnam co. (which would have included White co. in 1850). The Madison co. AR records suggested possible additional brothers William and Thomas, and our hypothesis was that the Joseph Street there may have been their father, the Margaret Street their mother. Here, in this 1850 census record, we have a listing that includes all these names except Richard (but there is a corresponding Richard Street nearby, married and in his own household) and Zedekiah (but Zachariah could easily be a census taker’s error). This census record strongly supports our hypothesis. The Margaret Street here was born ca. 1794/95—close enough to the 1792 date shown in the Madison co. cemetery, given the margin of error on census records; the Thomas Street here was born ca. 1829/30, again quite close to the Madison county cemetery Thomas.  The brother William here is shown as b. 1834/35, exactly what we suggested for the William who apparently turns 21 in 1855 in Madison co. The dates for John and Zachariah/Zedekiah also match closely the known dates for those brothers. While this evidence is circumstantial, it must be regarded as convincing that this is, in fact, the same family that appears both in Madison co. AR and in California.

VI. OTHER STREET SIBLINGS. Given the list of children of Joseph and Margaret (Carmichael) Street in the 1850 census (as well as the listing, though without names, in the 1840 census), can we identify some of these additional siblings?

A.  We previously noted that there was a Frances Street who married Jonas Deitz in White co. NC in 1840, and speculated that she might be the older daughter who appears in                 1830 census record of Joseph and Margaret Street. Attempting to follow this family               leads to some interesting other information. Jones Deats appears in the 1860 census of Collin co. TX, with wife Frances and four daughters, the oldest of whom is Margaret. [Precinct 1, page 33] Frances was born in NC, the older two daughters (Margaret, 16, and Ann, 12) in Tenn., and the younger two (Mary E., 8, and Rebecca M., 4) in Arkansas. This suggests that this couple was married in Tennessee, migrated to Arkansas in the early 1850s, and to Texas after 1856. The migration pattern from Tennessee to Arkansas matches that of the Streets. In the same 1860 census, in Lamar co. TX, is one Logan Dietz, age 19, wife Mary C., age 17. Dietz family genealogists say that this is the oldest son of Jonas and Frances (Street) Dietz, whose full name was Richard Logan Dietz. He had apparently recently married and moved to Lamar co.

ANALYSIS: Again this is circumstantial evidence, but it appears very likely that Frances Dietz is the daughter of Joseph and Margaret Street, and thus the sister of Zedekiah Street and the other Street brothers who migrated to California.

B.  William Street presents some interesting problems. In Lamar co. TX in 1860, adjacent to Logan Dietz, is one William Street, age 27, born in Tennessee, with wife Sarah J., 24, also born in Tennessee, and an infant (one month old) Mary E., born in Texas. This same William and Sarah are recorded in Polk twp., Dade co. MO in 1870, with daughter Mary and two more daughters, Margaret, 8, and Amanda J., 4. One might think that this is the William who appears in the household of Joseph and Margaret in 1850. This couple is apparently the William M. Street (1832-1895) and Sarah Jane (Gray) Street (1834-1891) who are buried in Viney Creek Cemetery, Barry co. MO. It seems very likely that this William is the son of Joseph and Margaret (Carmichael) Street, another sibling in this family.

C.  We must note that there is, however, another William Street who appears in Fresno co. CA in 1860, as follows:

Fresno co. Second Twp. 1860  PO Millerton
William Street, 39, m, Trader, b. Ark
Jean, 36, f , HK, b. Ark
Richard, 14,  m, b. Ark.
Chistholm, 13, m, b. Ark.
Margaret, 12, f, b. Ark.
Lafayette, 10, m, b. Ark.
Kate, 6, f, b. Ark.
Emma, 4, f, b. Ark.
Elizabeth, 3, f , b. Ark.      
Thomas, 2, m , b. Ark.

The children in this household very closely mirror the children of Richard and Patience (Randolph) Street. Richard and Patience have not been located in the 1860 census, which might suggest that they were “en route” to California at that time and were missed by the census taker. But it is hard to believe that the children in this Fresno co. household are not theirs. Compare the families:

1850 Richard & Patience          1860 William & Jean                   [1870 census]
White co. TN                             Fresno co. CA
                                                   Richard b. ca. 1846                       
Joseph b. ca. 1846                                                                            Joseph b. ca. 1847
Chisam b. ca. 1847                    Chistholm b. ca. 1847
Margarett b. ca. 1849                 Margaret b. ca. 1848                      Margaret b. ca. 1848
                                                   Lafayette b. ca. 1850                      Lafayette b. ca. 1850
                                                   Kate b. ca. 1854                             Catherine b. 1856
                                                   Emma b. ca. 1856
                                                   Elizabeth b. ca. 1857
                                                   Thomas b. ca. 1858                         Thomas b. ca. 1860

ANALYSIS: This Fresno county William’s age is considerably off what we would expect if he were the son of Joseph and Margaret; the Madison co. tax lists suggested a birth date of ca. 1833/34, while the 1850 census suggested ca. 1834/35; but this census record indicates a birth date of ca. 1821. Yet  five of the children in this 1860 household correspond in name and date with the known children of Richard and Patience Street—and two of those names are quite unusual, Chisholm and Lafayette. It seems almost inconceivable that this is just a strange coincidence. But it raises all kinds of questions and problems. First, why are these children not with their parents? And who is this couple they are with? Furthermore, if these are Richard and Patience’s children, where are the rest of them? Joseph was old enough perhaps to be on his own, or perhaps the “Richard” here is in fact Joseph, a census-taker’s error? And who are these two girls, Emma and Elizabeth—perhaps children of William and Jean? Or is it possible that the census taker somehow screwed up the parents’ names? I have not found any evidence of this William Street or his family after the 1860 census; nor have I found evidence of the Lamar co. TX/Dade co. MO William after the 1870 census.

VI.  NORTH CAROLINA RECORDS.  We have ascertained that the two oldest sons of this family, Richard and John, were born in North Carolina, so we would expect to find a Joseph Street with this family configuration in that state in the census of 1820 (and perhaps that of 1810). A search reveals:

A.  The only Joseph Street listed as head of a household in the 1820 census of North Carolina is found in Orange co.; he is not listed there in 1830. The 1820 listing shows Joseph and his wife both aged 26-45 (i.e., born 1775-94) with two sons and a daughter under five years of age. This is exactly consistent with the family of the White co. Joseph and Margaret Street.

B.  Orange co. NC marriage records reveal the marriage of Joseph Street and Peggy Carmichael on 26 Sept. 1813. “Peggy,” of course, is a common nickname for Margaret.  Since the eldest son of our Joseph and Margaret Street was born ca. 1814/15, this 1813 marriage is just what we would expect for them.

C.  An Orange co. NC will, written in 1816 and proved in 1819, for Thomas Carmichael names his wife Mary, sons Archibald and John Henry Carmichael, and daughters Margaret Street, Jane Isely, and Nancy Smith.

D.  The 1820 census noted above lists, on the same page as Joseph Street, one John H. Comical. The 1840 census for White co. TN lists, on the same page as Joseph Street, John H. Commichel. Obviously the family of this Joseph Street has a continuing close geographical connection with this John Carmichael (in various spellings), supporting the idea that Joseph’s wife was the sister of John H. Carmichael.

E.  Correspondence with a Carmichael genealogist, the late Dr. Louis Johnson Jr., indicates that John H. Carmichael later moved to California, settling and later dying in Sonoma co. CA. It is known that John Street, when he came to California in 1870, settled briefly in Sonoma co. before moving on to Modoc co. (he appears on the Great Register there in Sept. 1871). One of John H. Carmichael’s daughters, Mary Ann, married a William C. Johnson and settled in Tulare co. CA, the same county as several of the Street family.

F.  The 1810 census of Orange co. NC is difficult to read; no Joseph Street was found, but there is a John Street, Esq. and an R. Street (who apparently has at least two other adult males living in his household, possibly brothers).

ANALYSIS:  It seems likely that Joseph and Margaret “Peggy” (Carmichael) Street of Orange co. NC are the same Joseph and Margaret Street that later appear in White co. TN and Madison co. AR. The strongest piece of evidence here is the continued association with the Carmichael family in NC, TN, and possibly in CA. This is supported by consistent family configurations shown through the various censuses.

VII.  THE STREET GENEALOGY.  While a secondary source must always be treated with great caution, it is important to note some information in The Street Genealogy by Mrs. Mary A. Street (1895). This book includes a section on a Street family of New Kent and Hanover cos. VA, descendants of John and Hannah (Waddy) Street. According to this book, this John Street had a son Joseph, b. 17 Dec. 1737, who after the Revolution “went to North Carolina and m. SALLIE TATE; afterward removed to Tennessee. He was living when Gen. Jackson was elected president. . . Mr. Street lived to be 98 years old, and his wife to be 96.  Both d. in Tennessee.”  This genealogy goes on to list their children as follows:

1.  John Tate Street.

2.  Richard Street (“m.; no issue”).

3.  Joseph Montfort Street (“m., and in his old age emigrated to Oregon”).

4.  William Street (“m. and moved to Williamson co., Tenn., then to Robertson co., Tenn., and d. there”).

5.  Frances, m. Alexander Vincent (“moved to Williamson co., Tenn., and d. there”).

6.  Sarah, m. Charley Shanks (“moved to Williamson co., Tenn., thence to Bedford co., d. and left a family”).

7.  Mary, m. Mr Brackin (“never left North Carolina”)

8.  Hannah, m. (1) Mr. Tate; (2) Mr. Waggoner (“moved to Williamson co., Tenn; had two children”).

This information is cited because much of it can be confirmed by census records showing a very similar migration pattern as that of our Joseph Street; this leads to the suggestion that our Joseph who married Margaret Carmichael may well be the son of Joseph and Sarah (Tate) Street described in this book. For example, the 1820 census of Orange co. NC in which we found a Joseph Street believed to be “our” Joseph also includes Alexander Vincent, an Isaac Brackin, and Volluntine [Valentine] Waggoner. Orange county marriage records, in addition to the one for Joseph Street and Peggy Carmichael, include Isaac Brackin and Susannah Street (bondsman Charlie Shanks), Richard Street and Elizabeth Liner, William Street and Nelly Shaw, Uriah Tate and Hannah Street (bondsman Joseph Street), Zephaniah Tate and Hannah Tate (bondsman William Street), and Valentine Waggoner and Hannah Tate. These families all turn up later in the various central Tennessee counties named in the Street genealogy: John Tate Street in Bedford co. in 1830; Richard Street in Bedford co. in 1830 (with a man and woman in his household in their 90’s and 80’s respectively, probably his elderly parents Joseph and Sarah) and in Marshall co. in 1840; William Street in Williamson co. in 1830, then in Robertson co. in 1840-60; Frances and Alexander Vincent in Bedford co. in 1830, then Williamson co. in 1840-50; Charles and Sarah Shanks in Bedford co. in 1830; Hannah and Valentine Waggoner in Williamson co. 1830-60 (and buried in a family cemetery in Nolensville, TN). It might also be noted that in the Tate family of which Sarah (Tate) Street was a part, the name “Zedekiah” appears a number of times; and the William Street who appears in Williamson co. TN had a son named Zedekiah. While not conclusive, this certainly points to our Joseph Street who married Margaret Carmichael and had a son Zedekiah being part of this family as well.

ANALYSIS:  While positive proof is lacking, it seems a good working hypothesis to assume that our Joseph Street was the son of Joseph and Sarah/Sallie (Tate) Street. Mrs. Street’s reference to this Joseph as “Joseph Montfort Street,” however, must be treated with skepticism. There was a man name Joseph Montfort Street who was a frontier military man of some prominence, and seems to have been a cousin of this line of Streets; it seems more likely that Mrs. Street has confused the two. The genuine Joseph Montfort Street was descended from the Montfort family of Virginia (hence the name), but our Joseph’s line was not; and Joseph Montfort Street the military man was a contemporary of this Joseph, so it is not likely that the one was named for the other. It should also be noted that Mrs. Street has this Joseph going to Oregon “in his old age.” This is possible, though no record of him has been found there. He is last known with certainty to be in Madison co. AR in early 1860.  Since most of his children migrated west about that time, the possibility of his doing so cannot be dismissed.

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